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Welcome To The Gemstone Gardener Shop

As a by-product of our gardening maintenance and tree felling services, Gemstone Gardener are able to save a wide range of wood and greenary products from our work. These by-products are available for you to buy, however, due to the seasonality of our work the products and availability vary. Below are a range of products available from Gemstone Gardener.

Please contact us to find out about what products are available.

Firewood & Wood Chippings For Sale

Logs suitable for indoor fires, outdoor patio burners and fire pits.

Wooden stands and rounds suitable for martial arts, wood carvings and etc

Woodchipings suitable for garden borders, pet areas, general mulching and electric generation biomass units.

Greenary For Sale

Various evergreen offcuts ideal for florists, including twisted willow, holly, ivy and mistletoe. 

Lawn cuttings suitable for composting.

Hedge clippings suitable for biomass units.

Plant, fruit and general garden vegetation prepared for electric generation biomass units.